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Registration Procedure

Contact the Program Director(s) to inquire about openings (or click here for an online waiting list sign up form). If there is an opening, the parent/guardian and the Program Director will arrange a meeting. At this time, a registration packet will be completed and a start date will be arranged. If there are no openings, your name will be placed on a waiting list and you will be notified when an opening occurs. An annual pre-registration period is offered for families who are currently enrolled in our program and wish to preregister for the following school year. We strongly urge families to take advantage of pre-registration, as spots are not guaranteed from year to year, and availability is on a first-come, first-serve basis.

For inquiries about FUTURE child care needs, please submit a request for care form and indicate the school year that you are interested in on that form.  Your name will then be placed on the correct waiting list as of the date you submit the form. 

A Request for Care Form

The form below is for requesting to be placed on our waiting list.


Parent/Guardian Full Name*:
Your E-mail Address*:
Your Telephone Number(s)*:
Your Mailing Address
City/State/Zip Code*:
Program Interests:
After School Program
Vacation Program
Both After School & Vacation Programs
Desired Days of Care:
When are you interested in starting care?
Number of Children (if more than one child):
(If you have more than one child please list your responses below by order of age.)
Child(rens) Name:
Child(rens) Age:
Child(rens) Grade*:
Child(rens) Gender (male or female):
Child(rens) Districted School:
*Note - Sterling Middle care is provided at Lincoln Hancock.
Do you have any special needs or concerns?
Questions and comments:
The following items are required in order to register with Quincy After School:
1) Contact us for a Registraion Application.
2) A two-week deposit is required, which will be applied to the last two weeks of the current school year in June, or after a two-week notice is given the deposit will be applied to the next two weeks of care following the date of notice. Please remember that there is a sibling discount of 5% per child for families enrolling more than one child, when calculating your deposit or weekly tuition. There is a $40 registration fee for all new families and families who do not preregister annually. There is an annual $20 registration fee for all families who sign up during our pre-registration sessions.
3) A completed SMART Tuition Payment Program Form and/or the completed “Payment Options Form” in order to designate how payments will be made for services rendered throughout the school year.

Medications, Allergies, and Medical Conditions

If your child has any allergies, medical conditions, chronic illnesses, or limitations that could require treatment, medication, or specific care from QCARE staff while your child is in care (i.e. food allergies, bug bite allergies, asthma, diabetes, etc.), additional forms must be filled out by the Parent/Guardian and the child's licensed healthcare practitioner and included in your child's file prior to care.

Parents/Guardians must provide medications and required documentation in advance of care. Please see the "Medication Requirements Checklist" for information regarding medications and documentation. We recommend calling our main office at 617-773-3299 and speaking with a Program Director prior to having any forms filled out or signed by a doctor.

Forms and Parent Handbook:

Contact Us for a Registration Application

2017-2018 Tuition Rate Schedule


Schedule: Base
Tuition Including
Early Release Day
Five Days - $  128.00
Four Days $ 103.00 $  118.00
Three Days $  86.00 $  101.00
Two Days $ 65.00 $    80.00

SIBLING DISCOUNT: 5% per sibling


SINGLE DAY ADD FEE: (For current participants, must arrange in advance, no sibling discount applies)
Non Early Release Day: $25.00/day per child (if available)
Early Release Day: $40.00/day per child (if available)

VACATION PROGRAMS:  (Separate advanced registration, sibling discount does apply)
February & April Vacation 2018 $250
Summer Vacation Program 2018 TBA


An annual $65.00 non-refundable registration fee is due at the time of enrollment.
(Discounted by $20.00 at the time of pre-registration).

A schedule change fee of $10.00 per schedule change will be assessed.

State child care vouchers are accepted. The voucher must be provided at the time of enrollment.
            (accepted without limitation for school year programs, and by lottery for the summer vacation program).

Other fees, including a late pick-up fee, returned check assessment and late payment charge are
highlighted in the Parent/Guardian Contract in your child application.

Tuition Scholarship Grants may be available to qualifying families for after school programs.

*Please call the Main Office for more information*
*Rates effective for the 2017-2018 school year*
*Rates are subject to change*

*tuition rounding will occur to calculate daily rates for pro-rated weeks of care*

Follow this link for a printable Tuition Schedule! (PDF)

Payment Options

1. Quincy After School Child Care (QCARE) accepts child care vouchers. Please contact Community Care For Kids to see if you qualify. Click here for more information.
2. SMART Tuition Services - SMART is a tuition management agency that withdraws tuition from a bank account (either checking or savings) and transfers the money to Quincy After School. SMART is set up to withdraw your child care tuition once a month on the day that you choose (10th, 20th, 30th). SMART is drawn monthly from August through May. Click here for more information.
3. Lump Sum Payments – Parents/guardians who choose not to enroll in SMART can make their payments in two installments. One installment for half the year is due in August and the other installment is due in January for the remainder of the year.

Calendar of Program Closures

The following list contains the scheduled holidays when the sites/main office will be closed:

New Years Day
Martin Luther King Day
President’s Day
Good Friday
Patriot’s Day
Memorial Day
Independence Day
Labor Day September
Columbus Day
Veteran’s Day
Day before Thanksgiving
Thanksgiving Day
Day after Thanksgiving
Christmas Eve
Christmas Day

Schedule Change or Withdrawal From Program

The Quincy After School main office must be notified in writing or by phone if you intend to withdraw your child from the program or to change your scheduled days. A two week notice is mandatory. Notice cannot be given at the program site.

QCARE welcomes the feedback of our program participants and the general public. For more information about how to address concerns or leave feedback, please visit the Parent Handbook (PDF) or fill out an Online Contact Form.

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