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General Program Information

Quincy After School Child Care Program InformationThe school age program provides a safe and enjoyable setting for school age children to build friendships, play games and sports, work on homework, and engage in a variety of creative projects and enriching activities. A daily program is planned to meet the needs of the individual, as well as the group. Children are encouraged to develop and pursue their own interests while respecting the rights of others. Children are also encouraged to engage in activities that involve cultural enrichment and will help them to understand the diversity that exists in our world. All of our after school sites are licensed and inspected by the Department of Early Education and Care (EEC).

Quincy After School operates during the school year at nine schools in the city of Quincy. Our hours of operation are after school dismissal each day as follows:

Early Release Hours: Mon, Wed-Fri: 1:55pm-5:30pm, and on Tues. from: 11:25am-5:30pm.

Early Release Sites: Atherton Hough, Bernazanni, Lincoln Hancock, Merrymount, Wollaston

Later Release Hours: Mon, Wed-Fri: 2:25pm-5:30pm, and on Tues. from: 11:55am-5:30pm.

Later Release Sites: Later Release Sites: Beechwood Knoll, Montclair, Parker, Squantum

*Middle School early release is only the 2nd and 4th Tuesday of each month at 12:15pm

A full day program is offered during February and April school vacation weeks. A Summer Program is available to children who are thirteen years old or younger and have completed kindergarten. Vacation programs operate from 8:00am-5:30pm, and offer a wide variety of interesting and enriching activities. Quincy After School Child Care (QCARE), Inc. is closed for all observed school holidays, Winter/Christmas Vacation, and any emergency closing/snow days.

Example of Daily Schedule

Mon., Wed., Thur., Fri. (will vary by individual site and release time)

1:55-2:15   Children arrive, attendance and meeting/circle time
2:15-3:30   QCARE Homework Club (or outside time)
3:30-4:00   Clean up, wash hands, and snack
4:00-4:45   Center-Based Choice Time: Art, Board Games, Science, Our World, Relaxation Station, Computers, Blocks, Books, etc.
4:45-5:30   Group Games: Outside Time or Gym Time (or Homework Club)
5:30   Closing Time

Tuesday Only (will vary by individual site and release time)

11:25-11:45   Children arrive, attendance and meeting/circle time
11:45-12:15   Wash hands, eat lunch as a group
12:15-1:00   QCARE Homework Club
1:00-2:15   Center-Based Choice Time: Art, Board Games, Science, Our World, Relaxation Station, Computers, Blocks, Books etc.
2:15-3:15   Group Games: Outside Time or Gym Time
3:15-3:45   Clean up, wash hands, and snack
3:45-5:00   Center-Based Choice Time: Art, Board Games, Science, Our World, Relaxation Station, Computers, Blocks, Books, etc.
5:00-5:30   Storytelling, playground and clean up
5:30   Closing Time

Summer and School Vacation Schedule

Quincy After School will be open from 8:00 a.m. - 5:30 p.m. during vacation weeks. Children are divided into groups based on their age and grade.

8:00-9:00   Children arrive, attendance, “Morning Stations” and Free Play
9:00-9:30   Clean up and get into groups, wash hands, morning snack
9:30-11:45   Groups rotate through 45 minute scheduled activities
11:45-12:30   Clean up, wash hands, eat lunch with your group, tooth brushing and reading time
12:30-2:45   Groups rotate through 45 minute scheduled activities
2:45-3:15   Clean up, wash hands, afternoon snack
3:15-5:00   Get into swim groups for pool, non-swimmers do activities
5:00-5:30   Afternoon Stations, Free Play
5:30   Closing Time

The above schedule reflects a typical day at the program site. However, all QCARE vacation programs travel on fun and/or educational field trips for up to 2 days of each vacation week. Field trips are planned in advance and transportation is typically provided by Quincy Public Schools. Please refer to the promotional material for each vacation program week for a schedule of all field trips.

Important Information for all Families Enrolled in Quincy After School

The following rules have been established to insure the safety of all participants and we ask that you help us by explaining these to your child:

1. Please remember to bring a photo ID with you when you pick up your child(ren) and
always ask family members and friends to bring a photo ID as well when they pick up
your child(ren).
2. Send a note to your child(ren)’s classroom teacher letting them know that your child is
enrolled in Quincy After School.
3. Please call your child(ren)’s site when your child(ren) are going to be absent.
4. We provide snack and juice daily. However, on Tuesdays, you must send your child
with a packed lunch.
5. Every site offers about 30-45 minutes of supervised homework time daily.
6. Our program is closed during the December break. We offer vacation programs during the February and April vacation weeks. Information about our vacation programs is sent home about a month prior to each vacation week.
7. We offer a summer program. Brochures are distributed in mid-March.
8. Quincy After School does not automatically enroll your children from school year to school year. We have a preregistration period for returning families at the end of April. Parents are required to enroll if they would like their children to attend the following school year.
9. Please mark ALL belongings and clothing with your child’s initials. It’s amazing how many things we accumulate each year without identification. We cannot return lost items if we do not know who they belong to.
10. Children are expected to participate in ALL planned activities, outdoor activities, special events, and field trips. Our motto is “try for ten” minutes. If your child does not wish to participate in a field trip, no alternative plan is available.
11. If you wish to pick-up your child early, you must let us know in advance. Children are not always at the site and we need to let you know where your child will be (example: a local park). This is extremely important on field trip days. Please be advised that alternative care is not available at the program site location when children are off-site for a scheduled field trip.
12. Please be advised that our program closes at 5:30pm SHARP. There is a $1.00/minute late charge. This policy is strictly enforced. If you are running late you must notify the site staff. If we do not hear from you and/or we are unable to reach you, we will begin calling emergency contacts for pick-up.

QCARE welcomes the feedback of our program participants and the general public. For more information about how to address concerns or leave feedback, please visit the Parent Handbook (PDF) or fill out an Online Contact Form.

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